Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

This post is not going to be the complete one I want it to be...and thats because my dad is sitting in my living room, and we are getting ready to go to Napa to wine tasting. However I did find a few cool things on Etsy that would be good for any dad's kitchen. The shop Yava Glass has all sorts of awesome recycled glass items.

These recycled Rolling Rock glasses are pretty cool. They are old bottles, but now functional glasses.

An innovative spoon holder just proves further that this shop has a way with their glass.

They also do coasters to go along with your glass. I'm a fan of decorated glasses. I have a tendency to "borrow" cool beer glasses from local bars. This eliminates the "borrowing" all together. If my glass cabinet wasn't overflowing already, these coasters and glasses would definitely make my way into it

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  1. These are pretty cool. Bookmarked for future gift ideas. Thanks!