Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jen Oaks Illustration

I respect artists that have a vision. When you can look at someones art and say..."that must be a _____". Budding artists especially. I feel like you will get further as an artist if people know what they will expect from you, but always be pleasantly surprised. I've always liked Jen's design aesthetic, and she just updated her Etsy shop....with items that left me pleasantly surprised.

I don't have fine art skill, but I'm fascinated by those who do. Jen is one of those. Her illustrations are awesome, and I may just purchase one to add to my ever growing collection of art. You should definitely browse her Jen Oaks Illustration Etsy shop.

Friday, May 29, 2009

floral inspiration

I got a commission yesterday that I jumped at the chance to make. A lily for a little girl named Lilly. To be honest, I had to look at images of lilies to see how to best portray one on a wunzee, but to be quite honest, I think I nailed it. :)

I know its already sold, and it was a custom job, but I had to show it off...i am proud of it.

I love doing the commissions. Sometimes its difficult for me to come up with an original idea that would this way, I know its an automatic sale, and I get to be creative, catering to what the customer wants. (hint hint...give me more to make!) You can contact me through here, or feel free to check out the Etsy site.

Some more images of lovely lilies for you to gander at. They are a lovely flower.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friends of the Farm- Eray

So in my second installment of Friends of the Farm, I am going to profile the cutest lil southerner I've ever had the privilege of calling a good friend. She is also one of the most talented photographers I know. She has been killing it in the wedding business, has a newly designed website for her Elizabeth Ray Photography site, and sells her fine art prints on Etsy under Fly With Me.

1. What made you want to start takin pickshas?

I took a class after digging up an old camera in a junk drawer. Something about Photography was so personal. It changed the way I looked at everything. You just find beauty when you look at life. Your friend can be talking to you and all you see is the blue of the tv on one cheek, yellow lamp light on the other side of their face, and thier expression mixed with the textured wallpaper. Life looks unbelievable. Once you start seeing pictures all the time you can't stop.

. What inspires you? what do you love to photograph?

Everything! Well, I like that moment when you connect with whatever you are photographing. Everything makes sense. Some photographs I take are just like eating candy. A little cute sweet picture of birds, flowers, puddles, clouds. I like to photograph things that make me as happy as chocolate. My portraits are inspired by ideas and themes. I like to pick out backdrops, colors, and props and set them into action with storylines and emotion behind the eyes.

3. You have been succeeding this past year in the wedding biz...whats the hardest part?

Not crying when people exchange beautiful vows during the ceremony.

4. Will you photograph my wedding and engagement photos when the time comes?

YES!!!!!!!! can I be the flower girl too?

5. Why you so darn cute?

Why you are making me blush!

6. Top 5 TV shows

1. True Blood 2. Lost 3. True Blood 4.Lost 5. True Blood (FYI- 3 weeks till seasn 2 - starts June 14)

7. Favorite Muppet?

I hate the muppets.

8. What do you miss most about SF when you arent around? (other than me of course). What about NOLA?

SF - I miss wandering the city from neighborhood to neighborhood and finding cute lil shops to peruse. I miss the beeeaaauutttfiul drives, mountains, the pacific ocean.
I miss california adventures and parties at the Big Blue House.

Nola - when I'm not in nola I miss the heat how laaid back and slow it is - Sitting outside a bar sipping a drink while the ice melts and going inside because of the roaches. Then the neighborhood character of the month walks up sings you a song asks fo a dolla. you laugh. you put your feet up and stay out till 5am. I miss the horrible accents, Yats, how ya ma'am an em'?, and walking around the quarter and finding a parade not during mardi gras.

9. Any advice?

p90x is not a joke.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bring it back with the sweet stuff

Man...I've been busy and distracted. Visitors, travel, concerts...and working like crazy. I haven't had time to keep up with the daily posting I had been so good at, and I haven't made a onesie or even started a baby blanket in what feels like ages. Things have slowed down...for now, so here is a post, and I will hopefully sew something tonight. Gotta hit the gym first of course.

I've been craving chocolate like crazy lately, so I thought I would spread that craving onto you. Some great chocolate imagery, some for sale, and just stuff in the color cuz i like it.

Some chocolate bars via Flickr

Chocolate Wedding Cake via Flickr

Some chocolate colored yarn via WindmillHillArtisans Etsy Shop

Cupcake via Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

Chocolate messenger bag via Happy Family Etsy shop

Chocolate colored baby beanie via Portland Beanie Company etsy shop

Friday, May 22, 2009

upstate NY

We arrived in Gloversville, NY yesterday morning to celebrate Mick's brother Ben's 30th b-day. We have been hanging out with his folks, brother, sister in-law and two adorable nephews, Lucas and Damen. I haven't been spending much time on the internet, been off work for a day and a half already, and am enjoying the relaxation. Upstate NY isn't the most exciting of places, but everytime we come here its definitely relaxing. I wanted to share a few pics of the kiddos before I hopped in the shower. Today looks like some mall goin, BBQing later for the b-day party, and probably more relaxing. :)

Lucas will be a year old at the end of June, and unfortunately doesn't fit into any of the onesies I made for him a while back....I wanted to get a shot of him in them.  Oh well. Cutie nonetheless.

Damen is 2 and a half, and is the parroting stage right now. Everything you say, he says needless to say, we need to watch our language. :) Such a helper though, giving his brother snacks, helping his dad clean the house...good kid.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm on Yelp!!

Check it out! Does this make me official? Do I have to start hanging a People Love Us on Yelp sticker in my window?

The awesome yelper Bucky K was the lucky buyer of one of my PacMan onesies, and apparently it was such a hit with the wife and baby-to-be that he reviewed my shop on Yelp! Hooray for me!

Check out the review of The Little Goat, check out the site, and remember I do custom orders, just like I did for him!


Sorry for the lag in my writing. I feel like I had something good and regular going for a while, and then this morning I realized that I missed Etsy Tag Monday! Mick's Dad was here since last Wednesday, and just left, so I was distracted. We are actually leaving for NY on Wednesday night as well, but I'm going to do my best to try and write while I'm there. One of the blogs I follow, for my own art edification is OMG Posters. This lovely gem appeared there this morning, and I thought it was appropriate for this blog. Is it weird that I want to buy it to prepare for when I actually have a kids room to hang it in. Is it normal to start collecting stuff when I'm neither married nor pregnant? I just think its super cute, and would be a great start to any kids room, so I'm sharing it with you. It's a limited edition print that comes in two sizes from Laffiche Moderne. Enjoy it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Showcase!

I've got another showcase today! This time its a Kid's and Toys showcase, and you can get to it from the banner on the first page of Etsy! Hopefully people notice my stuff today....go check it out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cast your vote

In my quest to up build up my blog roll, and find great craft blogs, I came across Making it Lovely. This blog documents Nicole Balch's quest to remodel and redecorate her home. She just gave birth too so there are a bunch of cute pregnancy stories, and I imagine, many baby stories to come. She also has an online company called Pink Loves Brown, where she sells custom stationary.

I've been reading her blog somewhat on the regular, and her latest quest is to win a Better Home and Gardens contest for $5000. The challenge was for five talented home and garden bloggers and they all got charged with a task: designing a $500 outdoor project that you can re-create at home in a weekend.

This is totally me supporting her on my own, only because I really though that the re-do was the best of the bunch. You can vote for her porch once a day, and if you get a chance, I say go for it!

Stretch McNecklesins

Just wanted to share the latest addition to my shop. I was inspired by my Etsy Tag Monday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Etsy Tag Monday: Giraffe

Sometimes you just have to keep your head above the ground. As far as possible, hope for the best, and don't hide. So comes the Etsy tag of the day: Giraffe.

Wouldn't you want to be taller than everyone?

You can dress your baby up to resemble a giraffe, though without the long neck. This adorable cap by CapeCod Consignments can be yours, if you know how to crochet. For a reasonable $2.95 you can own the pattern.

So this listing is for a custom piggy bank. Andrew and Ella Designs will custom paint you a white ceramic if you want, you can get the giraffes! They have other personalized items as well, check it out.

The colors are vivid, would be a great addition to any kids room. Its different as I dont see alot of pastel originals posted anymore, but it brings me back to my OG crafting days too. Silly Lily has a bunch of these, and I imagine if you bought more than one, you could have quite the jungle.

Nini's Handmade has knit this lil beanie, and embellished it with a giraffe that has been handstitched on (craft after my own taste). I kind of love this giraffe design, and I think it has inspired my next design.

Even I would consider using this journal for my everyday use. Complete with pencil pocket in the front, the journal speaks for itself. Nico Papergoods has other journals for adults as well, but if I buy, I'm sticking to the kids journals.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stop Motion Fun

What fun this video is! Its amazing what you can do with ALOT of time and ALOT of photos, and a catchy ooompa song in the background.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friends of the Farm- LuRoe

Today I am going to start a new segment, where I introduce my crafty friends. My real life friends of the farm. Meet Lucia:

Lucia has her own Etsy shop called LuRoe Accessories. With some additional time on her hands, and living in scenic Colorado, she is now able to focus more on her gorgeous handmade jewelry. Her shop continues to grow fast, and I love seeing whats next.

1. What made you want to start crafting?

I have always been slightly crafty, and I actually went to fashion school and found that the hands on stuff was more fun to me. I hate relying on a machine to make my art. I have always found crafting to be very relaxing, a way to center myself.

2. Is jewelry your passion? Or do you see yourself moving beyond jewelry and doing other crafty stuff?

Jewelry is the thing I feel the most inspired to do. When I start making something I usually don't know what I am making and then my hands just kind of take over and it's almost like the jewelry makes itself! I have dabbled in other types of crafting and would like to learn to knit, but when it comes down to it I am just very inspired when it comes to creating jewelry.

3. Im always curious where people prefer working. What is your workspace like?

Well that's something I love about making jewelry, it's a very mobile craft and can easily bring what I am working on just about anywhere. I actually find that I enjoy making jewelry while watching movies or TV.

4. Alright then, what are your Top 5 TV shows?

Some of them are no longer on the air, but I have them on DVD and could watch over and over again. The office (US version), Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development

5. Just because I want to know..who is your favorite Muppet?

I love animal!!! He does and says what ever he feels.

6. Any advice?

My advice is to just allow yourself to be inspired by every day things, nature, people, art and take a little of that to inspire your creations. And just remember that there are no rules, so push boundaries and do what makes you happy!

Check out some of Lucia's creations!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Etsy Tag Monday: Mother

Mother's Day is around the corner, and there are a TON of treasures to buy for your mom on Etsy. What is better than a handmade gift that you made? A handmade gift from someone else! And away we go...

I thought this print was adorable, and said it best. You can get this custom print from Studio Schatz. Look at the cute little girl hanging on!

These cute charms are available to spell out any message you want to give to your mom! These pewter scrabble tiles can spell out Mom, Love, or even her name! CandyTiles has a ton of great pendants to share!

This is something I have never seen before but think its absolutely beautiful...Its made out of two paper bags! Its a photo album from SweetDdesign. Cute and affordable!

Cute Mothers Day card!! Raggle Fraggle has a wide collection of custom made cards for a ton of occasions. Do it!

Lastly, this hand stamped pendant by CinnimonStick's can be made to say whatever you want! Kids and family names, meaningful phrases...whatever. Super thoughtful, and super personalized.

This shop has a lot of different types of personalized jewlery, so i suggest checking out the whole shop.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

a new addition...

Welcome Gertie to our family! Mick and I finally got the kitten we had been searching for. After all our frustration and failed attempts, today was the day. It was fate. I called the SFSPCA in the morning, and they let us know that there were a few kittens in that day, so we raced over the bridge and fell in love right away. She was perfect. Her name was Ruby. There were a few there with jewel names, but the one that was available was her. The kitten had to be ours. Ruby said so.

She is playful, cuddles in our arms and falls asleep, and already has let Brody know how she feels. That will take a few days of assimilation, but I think that they will be fast friends.

We will be calling her Gertie (Gertrude), but Ruby will always be a part of who she is.

fat quarters

I had a field day the other day on eBay, and bid on a bunch of listing for fat quarters.

What Is a Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter is a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that (usually) measures 18" x 22" instead of the typical 9" x 44" quarter-yard cut. The longest side's dimension will vary if your fabric is not 44" wide.

Why Would I Want a Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter gives you the opportunity to cut larger chunks of fabric than would be possible from a regular quarter-yard, including strips that are twice as long on the fabric's (less stretchy) lengthwise grain.

A fat quarter offers more versatility, whether it's for patchwork or appliqué. Quilt shops know that fat quarters are popular, and usually offer a wide assortment of them, pre-cut and ready to go.

You can use fat quarters for strip piecing by making extra strip sets from shorter lengths of fabric until you've cut the number of segments required for the pattern.

I got my first few delivered, and I cant wait to start on some projects! We need some larger pillows for the couch, and some of these are perfect starts to some baby blankets! Hooray! Can't wait to get more and show you those too....First project soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Letterpress video...pretty cool

Hellooooo May. Thanks for following my blog if you are a reader. I get excited everyday to see my numbers go up. I want to spread the word further, and try to work on giving you more lets start the month off with an interesting video about a process I can only hope to experience.

I know that this is way beyond my monetary means, but the process of letterpress is awesome and old, and is a really cool way to watch someone make a poster. I was looking at one of my regular blogs, OMG Posters, and came across this video. Watch and see the magic.

Letterpress Poster Printing from Joshua Gerken on Vimeo.

You can see some of this guys work at