Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Craft fair in my future?

I'll tell you what. I'm pretty excited about the possiblility of entering a craft fair. Im a little nervous, but I already have 50+ items in my shop so far, made three new ones last night, and have a few ideas of how to expand it to make it more craft fair friendly. More variety, yet more the same. Through my blog browsing, I came across a list of fairs that existed in the bay area, and Feria Urbana is happening in my hood on September 13! And I haven't missed the deadline!

For $100 I can apply and cross my fingers (they don't deposit the check till I get accepted). This one seems less intimidating to me then Renegade, but still exciting! What do I get my booth to look like? So many things to do!

I haven't even gotten in yet and the ideas are flowing! Do I sell cupcakes too? Does food get people to the booth, and then the Wunzees do the talking? Is that even legal? :P I gotta figure out all the rules and such, and come up with a cute display. Marketing materials, tags for the items, etc! So much to think about. It makes me happy to have to plan.

Running list of things to do:
1. Apply!
2. Figure out display details.
3. Determine which designs to reproduce for the show.
4. Sew, sew, sew!
5. Buy "The Little Goat" tags for the items.
6. Recruit help.
7. Figure out credit card logistics.
8. Think of things I'm missing.

I'm sure this list needs to expand, but I'm so pumped to start planning! Will you come?

5008 Telegraph, Oakland

I'm going to send the application today. Cross your fingers for me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lil gentleman

So random story. My friend in Austin tells me that her friend from HS has posted pictures of her baby and she thinks he is wearing one of my onesies. "Did you buy it for him?" She said no, and that she doesn't know where it came from. So I do some sleuthing, and figure out that we have a mutual friend in the Bay Area who DID in fact buy the onesie from me. The friend from HS currently resides in SF, so it makes sense. BUT....weird right?

The Facebook "friends in common" has led me to some other weird connections too. Love it. I love seeing my onesies on their owners. It makes me smile. Im going to find more of the photos that have been sent to me and upload them as well. At any rate, adorableness below.

Friday, July 10, 2009

new mission: The Socktopus

So a big fat fail on the Austin photo upload thus far. Actually it was kind of a bust as a whole (not the trip, the photo taking), but I do believe I have a few that I will share as soon as I gt them online.

However, I do have a new mission. I hope I have enough socks left. I have recently been reading my friend Abby's blog, Bright Yellow World, where I came upon this entry. So, this is my new project. Shouldn't take too long, right? How many socks do you think it will require? Only one heel. But...I think I can do it. With my limited machine skills, I will prevail. Wish me luck.