Monday, March 23, 2009

Etsy Tag Monday: Goat

In order to support my fellow craftsters, every Monday I will have one tag that I use, and find cute stuff around that tag. I will gladly take suggestions, and use readers suggestions for tags. For my first Etsy Tag Monday, I went with the most obvious choice, GOAT.

For anyone who knows how to crochet (I wish I did), this pattern is awesome. I want to buy the goat due to my lack of skill in the crochet dept, but if anyone wants to make it for me, I'll gladly buy you the $4 pattern! You should totally add the Crocheted and Felted Billy Goat Amigurumi Pattern by thebirdsandbees to your pattern collection...if you are into that kind of thing.

For just $15, you can own this cute Goat Girl from cocoandmatilda.
I really like her style, and for an 8 x 10 print, thats a great price.

This whole Plush Goodness Etsy shop looks like something out of an amazing kids book. What great stories you could tell with multiple plushies, and starting your collection off with the Goat of course. Who doesn't want a blue crotchety Gramps Goat for their stuffed collection?

This one I just thought to be interesting. Looks cozy, and cute, with a hint of freaky. Its a good thing that they state that it's meant for people over the age of 12, because this Duck, Duck, Duck, Goat leaves me with just a touch the willies, so I can imagine how a four year old would feel. I'm curious as to the thought process behind it. You should check out more of michellekeller's creatures, especially the Angry Goose Crab. I want in on the decision making, and animal combos. Could be fun!

With all of the goat plushies and art, also came up were a lot of Goat's Milk Soaps. I'm a sucker for lavendar, so this one got my attention. This Handmade Lavender Goats Milk Soap for only $2 sounds like a steal! All of dolisoap's soaps are made from vintage molds, and are


  1. Lauren...what can I say except "you're the best"!!! I'm so flattered...!

  2. Thanks Lauren, you're lovely!

  3. Thanks for featuring my Gramps Goat! I appreciate the kind words about my work. :D