Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a turtle named Monkey

It seems that all of my friends are pregnant, or with child. This may be where the inspiration came for me to start with the Wunzees, but who knows. I went to a old friend's wedding this past January, and it was a smaller affair, with a few of my good friends in attendance. There were about 8 ladies that I knew at this wedding, and two had their children with them, two guests were pregnant, and the bride was too! Still is in fact. That is where the inspiration for my latest creation came from.

Cindy had a turtle back in college. The turtle's name was Monkey. (As a side, we have a dog friend named Monkey as well. Apparently its a popular animal to name another animal) When Monkey got too big for his tank, and Cindy's apartment got too small for a Monkey, so she had to find him a new home. With Cindy having baby in the next few months, a baby gift will likely be necessary, and seeing as though baby gifts are my game now, I thought she could have a new little turtle who poops less, doesn't require daily feedings, and has a different name.

Don't get me wrong. This lil guy is totally for sale. However, if when the time comes for a baby gift to be given, if its still unsold in my shop...decision made. Remember too, that if you are reading my blog, or visiting my site, and you like one of the designs I have, but it's not being sold in the right size, just let me know and I can make another one!

If you have ever visited my Etsy site, you know that there is some clever wordsmithing involved that describes the items I put up for sale. Courtesy of my funny boyfriend Mick. (Check out his own blog WTF is Mick Drinking?) With that, this cutie patootie turtle is named

Padurdle the Turtle.

Padurdle is Mertyl the Turtle's Lertle Bertle. (Little brother)

He isn't quite as smart as Mertyl, but OOOH BOY...hes a LADIES' man....

That's when he comes out of his shell...

He is a little flirt, but he means well and has a hurtle gurdle. (heart of gold)

Don't be slow on the draw, and get your lil friend this Wunzee today!

This fits size:

0-3 months
8-11 lbs

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