Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Felt treats!

Ever since I created my own Halloween outfit, a bag of Skittles, out of a pillow case and felt, I've been interested in additional uses for felt. What else can I do with it, especially now that I know how to sew and have moved beyond the hot glue gun.

I found the cutest site! Browsing thru Etsy, I found this felt food, and upon further exploration, I realized that she has her own site, and all sorts of tutorials. UmeCrafts (wu~may~crafts) doesn't sell the crafts, but she tells you how to do what she does. Even better. She charges for her patterns on Etsy, like this dim sum set. She even teaches you how to weave the basket.

But, if you browse her webpage, Lit'l Brown Bird, there are free listings as well. Like this one of the picnic basket (you can purchase all the fruit patterns)

Or this one of the bowl of strawberries.

This stuff is sooo cute. I just cant handle it. It also looks like she has started a new Etsy site, Lit'l Brown Bird starting in April 2009, where the felt will be sold in kits, so it will make your fruit and cookie making experience that much easier.

Could you imagine. A house where everything for your kids was soft, and no one would get hurt? Aweosme.

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