Sunday, March 22, 2009


So in an attempt to expand and rebrand, I have decided to start a blog that is craft oriented. To this point, I've been writing a WordPress blog Too Salty for my Taste, but I decided that I want to be more focused, and in the process try Blogger.

Why "The Little Goat" you ask?

Maybe I'm nesting, maybe I just like little things, but making onesies makes me happy. I have been designing onesies for my site, Wunzees. When deciding to rebrand, to possibly make more stuff other than just onesies, The Little Goat was born. Seriously, goats are pretty darn cute, and if you actually think about it, a little goat is a.....kid. Perfect.

I have been as successful as I can be, with my friends being my biggest supporters. I work another job 8:30-5:30, in a field completely unrelated. I prefer the sewing. I would love to find a way to do something creative for a living and have other people buy my stuff, other than people I already know. But in the mean time, I'm small potatoes. Its therapeutic through the whole design process.

This blog is a late attempt at me writing about my process, showing my designs, and sharing other peoples designs that I find to be awesome as well.

This process isn't all mine though. I may do the cutting, sewing, stitching, my boyfriend Mick is the creative wordsmith that describes all the items. His words are half the fun. He also designed the banner and is helping me brand myself. This is phase one. When I started my Etsy site, we declared it "Wunzees". Now "The Little Goat" is the future. Its evolution.

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  1. can't wait to see where this goes. :D yay!