Friday, May 22, 2009

upstate NY

We arrived in Gloversville, NY yesterday morning to celebrate Mick's brother Ben's 30th b-day. We have been hanging out with his folks, brother, sister in-law and two adorable nephews, Lucas and Damen. I haven't been spending much time on the internet, been off work for a day and a half already, and am enjoying the relaxation. Upstate NY isn't the most exciting of places, but everytime we come here its definitely relaxing. I wanted to share a few pics of the kiddos before I hopped in the shower. Today looks like some mall goin, BBQing later for the b-day party, and probably more relaxing. :)

Lucas will be a year old at the end of June, and unfortunately doesn't fit into any of the onesies I made for him a while back....I wanted to get a shot of him in them.  Oh well. Cutie nonetheless.

Damen is 2 and a half, and is the parroting stage right now. Everything you say, he says needless to say, we need to watch our language. :) Such a helper though, giving his brother snacks, helping his dad clean the house...good kid.

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