Monday, May 11, 2009

Etsy Tag Monday: Giraffe

Sometimes you just have to keep your head above the ground. As far as possible, hope for the best, and don't hide. So comes the Etsy tag of the day: Giraffe.

Wouldn't you want to be taller than everyone?

You can dress your baby up to resemble a giraffe, though without the long neck. This adorable cap by CapeCod Consignments can be yours, if you know how to crochet. For a reasonable $2.95 you can own the pattern.

So this listing is for a custom piggy bank. Andrew and Ella Designs will custom paint you a white ceramic if you want, you can get the giraffes! They have other personalized items as well, check it out.

The colors are vivid, would be a great addition to any kids room. Its different as I dont see alot of pastel originals posted anymore, but it brings me back to my OG crafting days too. Silly Lily has a bunch of these, and I imagine if you bought more than one, you could have quite the jungle.

Nini's Handmade has knit this lil beanie, and embellished it with a giraffe that has been handstitched on (craft after my own taste). I kind of love this giraffe design, and I think it has inspired my next design.

Even I would consider using this journal for my everyday use. Complete with pencil pocket in the front, the journal speaks for itself. Nico Papergoods has other journals for adults as well, but if I buy, I'm sticking to the kids journals.


  1. this kind of inspired me and now im obsessed with giraffes! so much cute stuff out there!