Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bring it back with the sweet stuff

Man...I've been busy and distracted. Visitors, travel, concerts...and working like crazy. I haven't had time to keep up with the daily posting I had been so good at, and I haven't made a onesie or even started a baby blanket in what feels like ages. Things have slowed down...for now, so here is a post, and I will hopefully sew something tonight. Gotta hit the gym first of course.

I've been craving chocolate like crazy lately, so I thought I would spread that craving onto you. Some great chocolate imagery, some for sale, and just stuff in the color cuz i like it.

Some chocolate bars via Flickr

Chocolate Wedding Cake via Flickr

Some chocolate colored yarn via WindmillHillArtisans Etsy Shop

Cupcake via Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

Chocolate messenger bag via Happy Family Etsy shop

Chocolate colored baby beanie via Portland Beanie Company etsy shop

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