Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friends of the Farm- Eray

So in my second installment of Friends of the Farm, I am going to profile the cutest lil southerner I've ever had the privilege of calling a good friend. She is also one of the most talented photographers I know. She has been killing it in the wedding business, has a newly designed website for her Elizabeth Ray Photography site, and sells her fine art prints on Etsy under Fly With Me.

1. What made you want to start takin pickshas?

I took a class after digging up an old camera in a junk drawer. Something about Photography was so personal. It changed the way I looked at everything. You just find beauty when you look at life. Your friend can be talking to you and all you see is the blue of the tv on one cheek, yellow lamp light on the other side of their face, and thier expression mixed with the textured wallpaper. Life looks unbelievable. Once you start seeing pictures all the time you can't stop.

. What inspires you? what do you love to photograph?

Everything! Well, I like that moment when you connect with whatever you are photographing. Everything makes sense. Some photographs I take are just like eating candy. A little cute sweet picture of birds, flowers, puddles, clouds. I like to photograph things that make me as happy as chocolate. My portraits are inspired by ideas and themes. I like to pick out backdrops, colors, and props and set them into action with storylines and emotion behind the eyes.

3. You have been succeeding this past year in the wedding biz...whats the hardest part?

Not crying when people exchange beautiful vows during the ceremony.

4. Will you photograph my wedding and engagement photos when the time comes?

YES!!!!!!!! can I be the flower girl too?

5. Why you so darn cute?

Why you are making me blush!

6. Top 5 TV shows

1. True Blood 2. Lost 3. True Blood 4.Lost 5. True Blood (FYI- 3 weeks till seasn 2 - starts June 14)

7. Favorite Muppet?

I hate the muppets.

8. What do you miss most about SF when you arent around? (other than me of course). What about NOLA?

SF - I miss wandering the city from neighborhood to neighborhood and finding cute lil shops to peruse. I miss the beeeaaauutttfiul drives, mountains, the pacific ocean.
I miss california adventures and parties at the Big Blue House.

Nola - when I'm not in nola I miss the heat how laaid back and slow it is - Sitting outside a bar sipping a drink while the ice melts and going inside because of the roaches. Then the neighborhood character of the month walks up sings you a song asks fo a dolla. you laugh. you put your feet up and stay out till 5am. I miss the horrible accents, Yats, how ya ma'am an em'?, and walking around the quarter and finding a parade not during mardi gras.

9. Any advice?

p90x is not a joke.


  1. Goddamn i love this girl....

    Awesome posting... she gonna make it!

  2. yo' that girl is steeewpid!