Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cast your vote

In my quest to up build up my blog roll, and find great craft blogs, I came across Making it Lovely. This blog documents Nicole Balch's quest to remodel and redecorate her home. She just gave birth too so there are a bunch of cute pregnancy stories, and I imagine, many baby stories to come. She also has an online company called Pink Loves Brown, where she sells custom stationary.

I've been reading her blog somewhat on the regular, and her latest quest is to win a Better Home and Gardens contest for $5000. The challenge was for five talented home and garden bloggers and they all got charged with a task: designing a $500 outdoor project that you can re-create at home in a weekend.

This is totally me supporting her on my own, only because I really though that the re-do was the best of the bunch. You can vote for her porch once a day, and if you get a chance, I say go for it!

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  1. Sarah, my sis in law is Jessica Stein -- she asked me if I knew anything about getting into the illustrator side of publishing, and ironically, I was just researching a publisher and found some info that might be of interest to you? http://www.meadowbrookpress.com/aboutus.aspx?nid=49

    Looks like they do a ton of work in the fields of babies! Check them out, and if you want to chat, you can email me at manicmommy@comcast.net!

    Good luck!
    Stephanie Elliot