Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alamo Square Flea Market

Has anyone local to the Bay Area ever participated in this?

The Alamo Square Flea Market is taking place this Saturday, and its local, and its only $25 to enter and there are still tables available. I just got one!!!

You can find me at booth F-14, on Fulton between Scott and Steiner. Come by! Bring me a beer! Buy a Wunzee!!!

I don't want to be surrounded by junk though. Im hoping that its a good way to get exposure, and even though I'm not all ready with labels, and a good table display....i figure its a good way to get out there, and maybe get some of my stuff sold! Lord knows I could use the money.

photo courtesy of nanio

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  1. Best of luck at the Alamo Square Flea Market! I am sure you will make a lot of sales. Your onesies are adorable!