Thursday, August 20, 2009

What I had for dinner : Goat Cheese Pizza

Until I get my other site up and running, I have decided to make this blog content rich, even if its not necessarily about kids or crafts. If the mood suits me, I will have new themed entries : What I had for dinner.

There will be a sense of DIY in these posts however, because they will all have to do with the meals that Mick and I had, all prepared by us.

This one, the goat cheese pizza with tomatoes, pesto and asparagus is likely my favorite home made pizza to date.

OK, so making your own crust is fun, and maybe you feel a sense of accomplishment when you do it...but don't knock the Boboli. Seriously. Its 2g fat, tasty, and browns perfectly.

I will preface this by saying that I got the recipe out of a Weight Watchers book. Each slice is 7 points, and it yields 6 servings. This may, no will become a regular part of our diet. (I will discuss the meal plan that Mick and I are on at a later date).

1 Boboli
3/4 cup goat cheese
2 plum tomatos -sliced
8 asparagus spears
pesto - Mick made this, though store bought pesto would work too.

we put some sliced garlic on it as well

Cook for 10 minutes at 450 degrees, and if you are using a crappy oven like we were, and the olive oil drips off the pizza, your oven will catch on fire.

However, that fire made for a perfectly crisp, delicious dinner, and what will be a re-heated delight for lunch.

Apologies for the crap photo for now. I took better ones, just haven't uploaded yet.


  1. It was so delicious!

    Even better the second time around after baking it in the toastie over at work!

  2. Yum, my friends. Yum. Hope the "meal plan" is shaping up well for you! I am, unfortunately, on the "Diana has the flu" diet this week. Brutal, yet effective (and soon, I hope, to be over).