Friday, August 14, 2009

Blog Roll additon: Design Sponge

How have I JUST found this site? With dreams and hopes of my future home having a backyard and a garage, I always get these DIY dreams. Perhaps you remember the photos I took of the file cabinet I got at a bargain price of $15? Guess what. It still looks like that. I have all these ideas that involve spray paint and color, and I am unable to do that in my current living environment.

This blog, Design Sponge has all of the DIY goodies that I crave. It has design trends, before and after shots, and all other sorts of design porn that I can only hope to achieve when I have a house of my very own. *fingers crossed its sooner than later*.

Just scanning the blog briefly, I came across this awesome DIY before and after, and it gives me hope that once I have the workspace and resources available, my crafty nature will help our place look pretty sweet. (Maybe I should start with the pillows I've been promising our couch for a while.)

This bench:

With a little love, spray paint and pillows, became this:

All sorts of other before and after stuff can be found on the site as well.

Hook a sister up with some space! Some outdoors! Some color!!!

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