Saturday, August 15, 2009

Would you like to come to the pants party?

My dear friend Abby writes a great little blog. Bright Yellow World is her tale of nothing in particular, but just little tidbits from her life. Apparently the folks at Gap think that her blog is special (as do I), because they invited her to host a pants party (as we are referring to it).

Basically The Gap redid their jeans, and they want the world to see them, so they approached a few bloggers to host the parties to show off these jeans. Abby got sent boxes and boxes of jeans, and she got to invite a bunch of her closest friends to try them on. I'm fairly certain that she gets to give away the extras as well, so you should RSS her blog NOW.

A night of pulled pork, shrimp and avocado salad, Gap printed M&M's and pants jokes, and I ended up with a new pair of awesome jeans. A great idea from the marketing team at Gap, and I have a pair of jeans to prove it. Some poorly taken iPhone photos below. :)

The pants on the front door. Says "There's a party in here."

The awesomely adorable pants garland hanging in the living room.

The women selection in the closet. She had them all displayed with the images below.

I ended up with a pair of the Sexy Boot cut jeans. They are really nice. They are trying to do more of a couture jean thing now.

Abby smooching one of the male jean models.

side note. please put out positive thoughts as her cat Pierre decided to bail on the pants party, and still hasn't come home. Fingers crossed that he finds his way home.

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