Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy Tag Monday: Summer - THWARTED

I think Blogger knows I'm leaving. I had this beautiful summer-y post all set to be written, with Etsy Tag Monday being summer, and it wouldn't let me move any of my photos once I uploaded them. I couldn't format it the way I'd done in the past. I think that Blogger is pulling a 2001 thing and knows I'm talking behind its back. It knows I'm starting an affair, only to soon end our relationship. If he keeps behaving like this...I'll end the relationship sooner than anticipated.

Here is one of the images I was going to use. It's a rainbow fountain by Valentine Photography.

Reminds me of the summers I don't get anymore living in the bay area. I miss the heat, and the sun and the feel of summer. I miss pool parties, and pitchers of lemonade, and most of tan. So this is the post for now...because anything else is just a hassle to post. Going to go home and work on prettying up the new love. This way I can leave this old, stale relationship behind.

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