Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flea Market Success!

Surrounded by old books, clothes out of a womans closet and kitchen supplies, I set up my first booth (table from target with a table cloth), at the Alamo Square Flea Market yesterday. This was my first attemt at selling the Wunzees outside of my Etsy shop, and I'll tell you it was WAY more enjoyable. Seeing people touch your stuff, and comment on how cute it was felt amazing. I handed out way more cards than sold items, but seriously, I consider that to be a success too!

Mick came out with me at 7:30 to start and set up, and by 8:30 the streets were already hopping. The early bird gets the deal I guess when it comes to flea markets. They are a way for people to sell shit you never knew you needed, and then there is a lone booth selling baby clothes. It actually couldn't have worked out better, because I think it was just unexpected. My table was a little breath of fresh air, and for all those people who knew that they had a baby to shop for, it was a perfect opportunity.

I went with my whole inventory. The weeks prior I had made some Wunzees that never made it into my Etsy shop, so I sold some of those, in addition to ones that had been in my shop for a while! All in all, I sold 4 bibs, a bib and Wunzee set, and 22 individual Wunzees! I did sell them for a discounted rate, (I took down the sign pretty early on) due to it being a flea market and my first time out in public, but I think I can get away with charging my normal prices at the craft fairs. I can't wait to go to my next one.

I think Mick had fun too, and it helped that the day turned out to be perfect weather. It also helped that at 9:00 am, he went strolling for goodies, and came back with a working Darth Vader mask. I mean..the voice box says stuff, and he can mic his own voice to sound just like him. Its pretty funny. He was selling Wunzees like that for a while.

At one point a few weeks ago, Mick even made his first Wunzee. He created the \m/ metal hands design, and it was one of the first ones sold! So far he is 1 for 1, with 100% of all his Wunzees sold!

Now it looks like the job I have ahead of me is alot more sewing so I have a solid inventory next time I go out. I have new bibs to work on, and even bought little beanies this time that I'm going to affix ears to. New fun stuff for my budding fair career. :) Hope I can find the time in the day....

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