Monday, April 27, 2009

Etsy Tag Monday: Sushi

Maybe I'm just craving it, or maybe its because I know there is a ton of cute stuff tagged sushi out there on Etsy, but that is the word of the day. Sushi. Here we go.

I first saw this stuff a while back, and found it to be so fun. Yes, its hand towels, but how bad would you love to get this as a gift. I honestly don't think I could bring myself to open it. Sushi for Baby makes these practical, not edible displays of fish. I would forgo drying my hands for sure.

UmeCraft's gives you the PDF of the pattern, and teaches you how to make your own felted sushi pieces. I have linked to her stuff before, because its super cute, but as long as her tags continue to match my needs, I'll show you. Why wouldn't you want your own felted sushi?

If you are like me, and aren't in the know as to how to felt your own sushi, and you just want to buy sushi that is ready for you...Pachom has this cute set already made.

This might win my favorite handmade award, only because of the tedious nature of the knitting. NeedleNoodle will sell you the pattern for this sushi set. AGAIN...back to the I wish I could knit category, because if the stitches are all mapped out for me, I would love to attempt this. A great pattern for the sushi lover.

If you would like to carry your sushi with you all the time, you can use this billfold and wallet by LittlePennyLane.
For $15 this is a bargain, and cute to boot. If sushi credit card holders aren't what you are into, she has a ton of other adorable fabrics as well.

Love the cut, love the fit, love the little red pocket on the front. Definitely love the fabric. Wear this lil sushi print apron, and look adorable and fashionable in the kitchen. Pie Dough Productions has all sorts of yummy vintage fabric creations.

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