Friday, April 10, 2009

hag sameach! Happy Holiday

I am driving down to LA for Passover today. The first night technically was Wednesday, and that is when the typical household holds their seder, but this year, my grandmother wanted to have as much family in town so we are doing it during the weekend. Passover has been a traditional family get together every year for me, even though our actual rituals get less and less traditional every year. I thought I'd post some Passover friendly stuff today.

The story of Moses is Passover heavy, with him guiding the Israelis out of Egypt, so I have found this cute Cardboard Tube Moses for you to do with the kids. All recycled material, and adorable to boot. Click on the link to find the instructions.

During Passover, there is always a stack of matzot on the table during the holiday meals. This etched-glass matzo tray is a beautiful holder for the matzot, though if making it with a kiddo, you probably would need to keep them supervised. You can find the directions as to how to etch this plate on number 3 on the page. In order to give the craft its proper credit, they excerpted the idea and directions from Crafting Jewish.

I just found this belt buckle kitchy. "Why Is This Knight Different From All Other Knights?" Its from BareTree's shop on Etsy. He only has two of these...just in time for Passover.

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