Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's the little things

I get excited when I make a sale. What can I say...I have a day job, these aren't paying the rent, but I get excited. I love the idea of putting together what someone wants for them and finishing a commission like I did last night. I also love the added bonus of realizing that they bought additional wunzees that I already had in the shop! Bonus. I let many more people in my life know that I'm doing this.

I sent out a mass email, dragged all my product to LA for the weekend...and guess what!

I sold 4 in LA, got a commission for here, and other people interested in the shop! Yay! Looks like I have to start bulking up my in-store inventory again, and figuring other ways to intrigue the masses.

Here are a few I made for the commission that included "The Starving Larve". Cute right?

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